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Taste of summer: Druridge Bay and Morpeth

20 May

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The merest hint of sunshine can see me scramble for the picnic rug, bucket and spade and mandatory cheese & pickle sarnie and head off like a woman possessed in the direction of the beach.

More often than not, the end result is a progressive drop in the car’s thermometer, a gathering of cloud and a pick-up in the wind until I arrive at the coast to unload my swimming cozzie-clad youngsters shivering onto the sand, while waterproof and welly-wearing dog walkers glance at them in pity.

But not this weekend. To my relief it actually got warmer the closer we got to our sunny destination and I even began to think that it might even be “busy” and “would I get parked?” in our usual spot right above the beach.

I found myself thinking “ooo it is quite busy” – but that was because there were actually one or two other families scattered sparsely across the sand, whereas usually we have almost the whole beach to ourselves and even though I never need reminding, I did think quite smugly how lucky I am to live so close to such a beautiful and peaceful coastline.

Children’s inability to feel the cold never ceases to amaze me and I was quite jealous that while I was slightly chilly in my jeans and cardie, my two girls lolloped around in the water as if we were in the Costa del Sol.

Roll on summer.

Making the most of the weather on Sunday we headed down to Carlisle Park, Morpeth, where the grassy banks were filled with picnic spreads, families took rowing boats out on the river against the backdrop of the busy bowling green, (and Dunkin Donut van) in an almost idyllic vision of Englishness, A dedicated chap was also hard at work painting the brilliant paddling pool, so I look forward to that being open soon.
We then headed along the riverside path, great for scooters and small bikes towards the “Steppy Stones”. Whilst it’s not as scenic with the current flood defence work underway, the shallow river is great for paddling, fishing and like a big kid, I love navigating the Stepping Stones. I also love having a nosy at the beautiful picture-perfect riverbank houses with their terraced gardens that lead down to the river.
If you are out without bikes/scooters/pushchairs you can cross over the stones and the path leads back up to town centre, where you can then walk back to the park.


Sandcastles and a latte at Tynemouth

21 Jun


So good it feels like cheating: sipping my latte from beach cafe Crusoe’s while the kids have fun in the sand at Tynemouth.


A scooter by the sea at Whitley Bay

12 Feb



My four-year-old daughter loves to scooter, so at the weekend I tried to think of somewhere we could go where she could bomb around without me worrying about her careering off into a road, and where there was a smooth path with not too many hills and also a bit of pleasant scenery for me to look at too. The Links at Whitley Bay turned out to be perfect. We parked in one of the cliff top carparks and then followed the path along the cliff and then down along the promenade, perfect for getting up a bit of speed. Thankfully I hadn’t brought her helmet, otherwise I might have been brave enough to let her have a go in the skate park as the moody teenage skateboarders were being put to shame by the tiniest of tots tearing up and down the ramps on scooters and mini bikes – some complete with pink tassels, baskets and dolly seats. 

Refreshment-wise try the Rendez-Vous cafe or the cafe at The Links Art Gallery both on Dukes Walk. Public toilets with baby change are also available next to the cafe.


St Mary’s Lighthouse – tide permitting it is a lovely walk over and round the lighthouse, there is also a small beach and hundreds of rock pool

The wonderful Waves swimming pool has a wave machine (obviously) and pirate ship and splash pool all great for little ones.

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Holy Island and Lindisfarne Castle

20 Oct





Holy Island

Holy Island
















Sometimes revisiting childhood memories can disappoint, not Lindisfarne. Had a wonderful day taking my daughters on their first visit. Can’t believe I have not been for so long. A magical place.

Practicalities: Pushchair friendly until you get to the castle summit which is pretty steep, although I did see a Phil & Teds at the top! A baby change can be found in the central car park.

Check out the safe crossing times at’c2~http://www.northumberlandlife.org/holy-island/




Druridge Bay

3 Aug
Two hours of summer on the beach before the rain came in

I have never seen a crowd at Druridge Bay. It is so vast that even in the height of summer it doesn’t seem busy. At the main carpark at the Country Park there is a visitors centre a few minutes walk from the sand, with toilet and small cafe. There is also a walk around the lake. If you take the next (unsignposted) turnoff, heading north towards Warkworth, you can however park for free right by the beach, which is so handy for piling down onto the sand. http://www.visitnorthumberland.com/do/druridge-bay-country-park-p26011

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